Weatherozne Desktop

Rainfall bulletins, give daily rainfall totals for all rainfall reporting stations across Australia. The daily recording period is from 9am a day before to 9am on the day. From the home page your desired state in the Australian map and click (State name) ovservations table under the map. From the main observations page click rainfall bulletin in the top right corner.

The rainfall bulletin page will display 24 hour rainfall totals grouped by district. To group all totals together click station on the top left of screen. By default the totals are ordered alphabetically.

To order totals from highest to lowest click the rain to 9am link on the top right of the page. Only locations that have recorded rainfall will be displayed. The page is updated at just after 9am each day with rain figures from automatic and synoptic weather stations.

More rain figures will come in at around 2pm from rain only reporting stations. To obtain rainfall totals from past dates use the select date link on the top right of screen.

Weatherozne Mobile

Coming soon.