Daily summaries, display the minimum and maximum temperatures and rainfall on a given date for all automatic and synoptic weather stations across Australia.

From the home page click the current conditions link on the left and choose your desired state. From the main observations page click daily summaries in the top right corner.

The minimum temperature for a station is the coldest temperature recorded in the 24 hours to 9am. The maximum temperature is the hottest temperature recorded in the 24 hours after 9am. Rainfall is the cumulative rainfall in millimetres received in the 24 hours to 9am.

Also displayed is the minimum temperature anomaly and maximum temperature anomaly. Anomalies compare the recorded temperatures to the average for the corresponding month. So if Sydney records a maximum temperature of 32 degrees on a January day, that would be an anomaly of +6 since the average maximum temperature for Sydney in January is 26 degrees.

A minimum or maximum temperature highlighted in yellow indicates the possibility of a broken monthly record. You can change the date by clicking the select date link on the top right of screen.